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Forga CauchonWoodworking is complementary to metal working. It permitted the diversification of forge services and occupied the often quieter winter period. In the woodworking shop, the Cauchons mostly produced double sleds (called "teams"), used to haul timber from the forest. They also made horse-drawn wagons to haul merchandise. Occasionally, they made doors, windows, chairs, other furniture and toys for the household children.

By the turn of the 20th century, machines had appeared in the artisan's workshop, making certain steps of the work easier and faster. The Cauchon Woodworking shop is equipped with a wide range of machine tools. These are run off a stationary gasoline engine and an ingenious system of belts and pulleys inspired by those found in large industrial shops.


The collection

Forge CauchonThe machine tool collection includes :

Stationary Engine
Circular saw
Water grinding wheel
Pipe threader

Some were purchased whereas others were fabricated from scratch or in part by Joseph and Henri.






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Forge Cauchon


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