Opening of the forge to visitors planned for early June for 2024.
Reservation at 418 665-2160.
– A maximum of 12 people per guided tour with the exception of groups.

* if you have Covid-19 symtoms when your are about to visit the forge, stay at home and let us know so that we can reschedule your reservation at another moment. Thank you.

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Welcome to The Cauchon Forge in Charlevoix

Forge CauchonBuilt in 1882, the Cauchon Forge and Woodworking shop is now classified as a historical monument. A team of guides is there to welcome you every summer. Meet the blacksmith. Discover the history of a place, of a time, of a trade...

Thanks to an impressive tool collection, a visit to the Cauchon Forge and Woodworking shop will make you discover several aspects of the blacksmithing trade: how they worked the iron, the blacksmith shop itself, wagon wheel making, and the carpentry shop in their original setting dating back to the beginning of the 20th century and into the 60s.

Visiting the Cauchon Forge and Woodworking shop means getting acquainted with a family of exceptional yet typical artisans and getting to appreciate their know-how. It is also about rediscovering the traces of ancestors that remind us of our roots



Forge CauchonA visit to the Cauchon Forge and Woodworking shop also means discovering one of Québec's best preserved forges. Finally, it means paying tribute to the perseverance and determination of Henri Cauchon's last remaining offspring, Toussaint, to preserve this place of work, of life and of history.

During your stay in Charlevoix, it's a must on your visit list!

Browse through our site and discover activities offered during your visit to the Forge and Woodworking shop. Also familiarize yourself with its history, its architectural characteristics and its tool collections.






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