Opening of the forge to visitors planned for early June for 2024.
Reservation at 418 665-2160.
– A maximum of 12 people per guided tour with the exception of groups.

* if you have Covid-19 symtoms when your are about to visit the forge, stay at home and let us know so that we can reschedule your reservation at another moment. Thank you.

The administration

La Forge Cauchon

forge_cauchonUntil the mid 20th century, forges were essential to the survival of communities. Blacksmiths enabled others to do their work by making tools and accessories for them. The Cauchon smiths tended mainly to the needs of farmers and forestry workers. They shod their horses, repaired agricultural machinery and built sleighs to haul wood. Their know-how also extended to other trades: they were sometimes wheelwrights, tinsmiths, nail makers, etc.

The collection

To do this, the shop was equipped with an impressive quantity and variety of tools. The forge collection holds over 200 different tools. Technical data concerning these objects will probably be made available on this site. Amongst other things, this collection includes nail headers, swages, calipers, vises, soldering irons, tongs, hammers, sledges, etc.


Nowadays, the Cauchon Forge is still in operation. During its operating season, a blacksmith makes different decorative pieces, architectural hardware or artistic creations. Its brings back memories of not-so-distant times where the regular beat of the hammer striking steel could be heard from the street.


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